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We’re a specialist WordPress agency and have been creating bespoke WordPress Website Designs for over a decade.

WordPress may be an open source platform, however, it is a complex system that requires both creative and technical skills and experience to create a professional presence online for your business.

As a WordPress focused agency, our aim is to create hard-working websites that give our clients more exposure and conversions.

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Our approach to WordPress Website Design

Designing websites is about much more than just the colours, look and feel. We start with the needs of your target users, building out a framework and site architecture that matches their requirements.

  • Sitemaps, wireframes and content planning are all key influences on the overall design and experience of your website. We focus on getting these aspects nailed down and signed off by you before we consider a design concept.
  • Once these are developed, we move on to the creative process, where a WordPress website designer will develop design concepts for your feedback and approval.
  • From there, the development of your website can begin and a content management system is put in place to ensure you can easily publish your content.

Following this strict yet simple process ultimately means that everything on your website’s pages are there for a reason and focused on the specific needs of your end-users.

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Fully bespoke Development

Once your WordPress web designer has worked with you to approve the designs, we will then move to the web development of the site. 

We build fully bespoke WordPress sites, without resorting to off-the-shelf themes containing bloated templates and pre-built features you will not use. This means your custom-built website will provide you with exactly what you need, without any bloat or speed issues.

As WordPress is open source, we also take an open source approach. Unique in the WordPress web design world, everything we develop for you is yours to own. We don’t lock you into ongoing contracts. It’s all open and accessible – the source code is yours.

Easy Content Management

Our team use the latest technology built into WordPress called ‘Gutenberg’, a system that allows a block and module-based approach to managing your content. This makes it as simple as possible for you to manage your content long term.

We break down the types of content you will be publishing on your site into modules to create bespoke content templates that are designed in line with this.

From there, you will be presented with a library of modules that you can use to construct new pages from, whether you are creating a new landing page, blog, or another type of page entirely. This system also means that adding, reordering and maintaining your content is a breeze.

If you’ve ever felt confused when battling with formatting and adding content to your website, this new approach is a much smoother and scalable way of managing content. We’ll also provide training so you are comfortable with adding content in the future without help.

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Search engine friendly

As a search-first agency, search engine optimisation considerations run across our entire web design and development process. The site we build will be fully accessible by search engines and meet all Google best practices and recommendations.

Our extensive experience in WordPress web design, digital marketing and SEO means that we can build a strategy that makes sure your site gets seen and used once it goes live – driving true business value and a return on investment.

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Hosting and ongoing support

Should you need website hosting once your website is live, we work with a premium hosting provider and can offer discounted rates. Our website projects don’t end with go-live. We offer 30 days of free support to resolve any teething issues, and after that have a range of support options from ad-hoc support to monthly maintenance.

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