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SEO for Property Developments

The Lakes by Yoo is a unique development deep in the heart of one the most beautiful locations in the UK. The Cotswolds is a tranquil and desirable haven for those looking to escape city life, or for those relocating for a better quality of living. The SEO Works are proud to help The Lakes…

Date posted: 02/12/2013

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SEO for Medical Website is a leading healthcare website based in the UK. They offer information regarding thousands of conditions and medicines, providing excellent resources to both the public and healthcare professionals. The SEO Works provide expert optimisation for search phrases that people use on Google. For example, when concerned parents search on Google for symptoms such as Wheezing…

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SEO for Leisure Equipment

Towsure is a leading UK supplier of camping supplies and caravanning supplies. Having a strong, established brand and a URL that Google has been trawling for many years, they have a very good online presence. In fact their online turnover is fantastic. However Towsure recognise that for those people who don’t know their brand, there…

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Does the Google Knowledge Graph Spell the End for Novice SEOs?

Google’s knowledge graph has revolutionised lateral searching. It pops up on the right on the search results with information about the topic you have searched for, as well as related subjects that you may be interested in. For example a search for Manchester United will bring up the team’s information in a knowledge graph, including manager,…

Date posted: 13/11/2013

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Matt Cutts: Do big websites equal high rankings?

Many people believe that updating your website more than others will provide some sort of competitive advantage in the search results. Is that true? The short answer is no, at least not directly. For a while webmasters have been working on the assumption that the more pages are indexed, the higher your Google rank will…

Date posted: 05/11/2013

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Google’s Matt Cutts at Pubcon 2013

Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts began the second day of Pubcon with a signature keynote speech addressing Google update myths, spammers and future updates to search. The speech provided many interesting insights into the workings of Google and future plans for the site, most significantly perhaps the introduction of Deep Learning and voice search. Cutts…

Date posted: 28/10/2013

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The SEO Works New Sheffield Office

The SEO Works is Sheffield’s premier search engine optimisation provider, offering competitive content optimisation to a wide range of businesses. We currently manage over 120 websites for businesses including estate agents, e-commerce clothing stores, fitness trainers and re-sellers of peripherals. We have helped our customers achieve over 800 top three Google rankings. Search engine optimisation…

Date posted: 02/03/2013

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The end of the GoogleBomb

There have been some pretty great GoogleBombs over the years. However we now think that this form of prank is now coming to an end as a result of recent algorithm changes – but more about that later. For those not in the know, a GoogleBomb is the art of manipulating the search results to…

Date posted: 30/01/2007

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