Embracing the mobile marketing shift

Here’s some super mobile marketing facts (provided by our friends at Google) which outline the huge shift we are seeing in the use of mobile to support online research and buying. Bottom line – if you aren’t using mobile channels as part of your digital strategy, you won’t be getting your best return on investment.

woman holding an iphone in one hand and a coffee in the other hand

  1. Britain are a nation of online shoppers
    Britain does the most online shopping as a percentage of population out of any nation in the world! 77% of consumers buy online at least once a month.
  2. Mobile first
    The majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices. In just 5 years, internet traffic originating from mobile phones has increased from 10% of users to a whopping 51% of users.
  3. 74% of Consumers now Own a Smartphone
    People’s phones are the general purpose tool for everyday life, and almost three quarters of people now own one – this is only likely to increase further! Mobile marketing is the not only the future, put the hustling bustling present.
  4. 40% of Online Sales Happen from a Mobile or Tablet
    40% of people will buy from their phones which means that you’re missing 2 out 5 customers if your site isn’t mobile friendly.
  5. Customers will leave if they aren’t happy with the mobile experience
    40% of customers will turn to a competitor site if yours is not mobile friendly.
  6. Over two thirds of people are positively influenced by a mobile friendly site
    67% of mobile users are more likely to buy a product or service if your site is mobile friendly. In fact, by not modernising your site to be mobile friendly, you will be negatively influencing people’s decision making process.
  7. 65% of Decisions Start on Mobile and Finish Elsewhere.
    Not only do people make spontaneous purchases from their phones and tablets, they’ll also do their research before buying your products from your desktop site or in store. People window shop on the go!
  8. 94% of Smartphone Users Looked for Local Premises Nearby.
    Mobile marketing traffic is a very big deal to drive traffic to your high street premises.
  9. 66% of Mobile Users go on to visit the High Street Premises and 26% Made a Purchase
    SEO, Adwords and Social Media are not the sole domain of the e-commerce retailer. It’s never been more important for professional services to embrace digital as way to reach clients.

We live in the digital age and technology is continuously evolving – and ensuring your digital aligns with the latest trends will ensure you have a brand that can be successful in this evolving mobile-first world. Get in touch to see how we can help you succeed in mobile marketing today.