Healthcare Marketing Services

Increase your ROI with our comprehensive medical marketing services.


As a healthcare digital marketing agency, we’ve been helping medical and healthcare-based businesses expand their online presence and achieve success for over a decade. We work across the spectrum – from online health services and pharmacists to medical products, devices, supplements and real-world clinics.

In fact, the SEO Works is proud to currently be the only company on the NHS national supply framework for Digital Marketing and Web Design.


Our Healthcare Marketing Services

The SEO Works is the UK’s Health Sector Digital Marketing specialist with integrated digital marketing and website design skill sets. Together as one team, we create beautiful, bespoke, functional and inspiring websites which are then optimised and marketed through all digital channels to promote better health outcomes.

If you are in the Healthcare sector and looking to grow your customer base or improve your presence online, then we have the specialist experience to help. We’ll aim to understand your business from the ground up and assess your customers’ needs to find the perfect partnership of exposure and conversion.


Organic traffic can be a powerful marketing channel when used correctly. However, the organic traffic landscape is getting more and more competitive, making it less likely for you to be found on Search Engines like Google.

By making use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you can improve the quality of your site, and start showing up higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). An effective SEO campaign has the potential to draw in consistent, high-quality traffic to your site.

Our team of medical marketing experts are experienced in creating bespoke SEO strategies tailored to the unique needs of your healthcare business, making sure your website follows the best practices to maximise your organic potential. Our full-service SEO process encompasses everything you need in a campaign. From keyword optimisation and writing engaging content that really relates to what is impacting your users’ health and well-being, to implementing technical SEO and using digital PR techniques to build up your authority.

Our expertise in health and medical SEO has enabled our clients to attract more quality leads and customers. Our SEO services for healthcare companies are always commercially focused, to increase your business profitability and ROI.



As a healthcare company, you often have a very specific target audience that your product or service is intended for. This is why implementing an effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is essential. PPC can drive hyper-targeted, relevant traffic to your website that can convert into high-quality leads for your medical business.

However, these days it can be difficult for healthcare companies to get ads approved, and when they do, the cost per click (CPC) can often be very high, making it a challenging marketing channel. This is where working with a professional healthcare marketing agency comes in.

As a healthcare marketing firm, we have a team of PPC specialists who are experts in getting ads approved for healthcare companies, working with our Google contacts. We kick off our healthcare PPC process with thorough research into your target audience, competitors, and market dynamics.

Whether your aim is to boost brand visibility, grow sign-ups, or introduce a new product or service, we craft tailored PPC strategies that align with your goals as a healthcare company.


Paid Social Media Marketing

It is important for your brand to be visible in as many places as your target market visits online, even for healthcare companies. Social media offers the opportunity to show up in front of and interact with your target audience, which can help to direct more traffic that converts to your site.

With a busy feed, the landscape on social media is getting more competitive, and it is increasingly harder to show up in front of your target audience. Incorporating paid social content into your marketing strategy allows your brand to reach your target audience where they’re most engaged, enhancing organic visibility and interaction.

Let our healthcare marketing firm help with expanding your brand online. Our data-driven social media advertising gets you seen by the right patients on the right platforms.


Web Design and Development

We’ve had years of experience building web solutions that are tailored specifically for medical and healthcare companies. Our focus isn’t just on creating visually appealing websites; we aim to enhance the user experience, which will help to increase the number of converting users.

As a digital healthcare marketing agency, we also adopt a unique SEO-first approach to web design. This means the visibility of your site is considered from the outset and is integrated into the foundations of your site.

Celebrating Our Healthcare Clients’ Success

Medical Marketing Agency Reviews

Healthcare Digital Marketing Case Studies

Look through some of our medical marketing firm case studies to see the success that we have had with many of our healthcare clients, and the positive impact it has had for them.

Healthcare website case study

As a trusted partner to the NHS, we supported the Surgical Training Program to establish an intranet service for all trainees. We created a secure custom-built platform from which healthcare professionals can access training material, calendars, latest news, contact the support team, discuss problems with peers and interact as a resource for better care.

Our partnership with the NHS has resulted in a large amount of time being saved (especially the Postgraduate Support team). Our brief was to get all online resources onto one easy-to-use platform, from which the course will revolve. After this, we then optimised the online presence to make sure it is visible to those who need to find it. View the website here.

We are currently developing our system to be utilised throughout the NHS, for all trainees to have this resource and a means of bettering their involvement, interaction, and improvement as junior doctors.

Why Choose Us for Healthcare Digital Marketing?

Dedicated Team of Healthcare Industry Experts

With our extensive experience serving healthcare and medical-based clients, we understand the distinctive challenges and opportunities of the healthcare sector. We also know that the digital space around the healthcare industry is continually changing and evolving, which means we have learned how to adapt our strategies and approach when the need arises.

From strategic planning to execution and monitoring, our medical marketing firm experts are dedicated to using their experience to deliver results that help your healthcare business grow.

 Multi Award-Winning Agency

We know that our dedication to our clients, and the results we bring them, are second to none. Because of this, we win multiple awards every year, and are seen as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the UK.

Industry awards that showcase our expertise include:

  • Integrated Digital Agency of the Year at the Digital Excellence Awards
  • Integrated Search Agency of the Year at the Global Agency Awards
  • Best Large Digital Agency of the Year at the Northern Digital Awards
  • Performance Agency of the Year at the Campaign Awards

ROI-Focused Medical Marketing Strategies

Delivering a tangible return on investment is one of the core principles behind all the work we do as a healthcare digital marketing agency. This means that every action has ROI in mind, so that your marketing efforts can increase your profitability as a business.

Our medical marketing approach hinges on data-driven decision-making, which we do by gathering extensive data about your target audience and competitors. By analysing this data, we can discover useful insights into your customers’ behaviours, competitor activities, and gaps in the market that present opportunities for growth.

Transparent Communication and Reporting

We strongly believe in both being transparent and accountable when it comes to how we communicate with our clients, and how we report our results. To ensure this always remains the case, we create regular comprehensive, user-friendly reports that distinctly outline the performance of your campaigns and their impact on your bottom line.

We track key metrics, including website traffic, leads, conversions, and revenue generated, providing you with clear insights into how your marketing endeavours are driving results. By being thorough with how we analyse this data and report this data, we can make future recommendations that improve your marketing and align with your business goals.

Cutting-Edge Tools and Technology

At The SEO Works, we make use of the latest cutting-edge industry tools and technology when it comes to our medical marketing services. As a healthcare digital marketing agency, we know that aligning with the latest industry trends and best practices is key to achieving great results.

Our comprehensive suite of tools empowers our strategies with invaluable insights, facilitating tangible results, sustainable growth, and increased revenue for our clients.

What’s Our Medical Marketing Process?

Research and Auditing

Our medical marketing workflow starts with a detailed research and auditing phase. By doing this, we gain a thorough understanding of your business, your healthcare offering, how your target market behaves, and what your competitors are doing. In addition to this, we will understand your existing marketing mix, analysing what is already working well, and which areas need refining.

Bespoke Strategy Development

After conducting a thorough analysis of your healthcare company, industry, and existing marketing initiatives, we then develop a fully customised strategy, that considers your current business goals and objectives. If you require a multi-channel approach to improve your existing marketing efforts, our healthcare digital marketing services are designed to ensure a seamless collaboration. This ensures that our medical marketing strategies harness the potential of multiple channels to optimise your reach, engagement, and conversions.

Implementation and Ongoing Optimisation

From establishing tracking and analytics systems to initiating campaigns and publishing content on your website, our healthcare marketing firm uses our team of experts, who manage every area of your campaign with precision. This grants you the freedom to concentrate on running your business while we handle the heavy lifting. We don't simply set and forget campaigns once they're launched. We monitor performance metrics and review data to identify additional opportunities, making optimisations driven by insights. This proactive approach ensures that your marketing initiatives remain responsive, delivering sustained results over time.

Tracking and Reporting

Throughout the process we prioritise transparent reporting and frequent communication to keep you up to date with your campaign's progress. We firmly believe in open and honest dialogue. Because of this, your marketing teams will be readily accessible for any queries you may have. Our reporting is entirely customisable to your unique objectives, highlighting the most relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics for your business.

Enquire about Healthcare Digital Marketing Services

Get in touch with our team today to explore our full range of healthcare digital marketing services and discover how we can start helping your business expand its online presence.

Medical Marketing Agency FAQs

What is medical marketing?

Medical marketing involves the strategic use of digital marketing channels by healthcare organisations to expand their online visibility, and to reach their consumers, patients, and members. Healthcare digital marketing differs from general marketing, due to the high base-level of industry knowledge that is needed.

Working with medical marketing companies means working with experts that are experienced in creating medical marketing campaigns. Ask them to see case studies of other medical clients they have worked with.

How long does it take to see results from medical marketing?

The time it takes to get results when working with a medical marketing firm can vary, and depends on the type of campaign being used. Different types of campaigns and marketing channels can take different amounts of time to see results.

SEO, for example, is considered a long-term strategy and can take several months to start seeing results. Whereas PPC can start to see results sooner, with the upfront costs of paying for ads. What’s important when choosing a healthcare digital marketing agency is that they adapt their strategies to match your unique needs and business goals.

What should you consider when looking for a medical marketing agency?

When choosing a healthcare marketing firm to work with, there are certain factors that you should consider before deciding:

Experience: It is crucial that a medical marketing agency will be able to demonstrate that they have practical experience within the healthcare sector. It is worth asking how many years experience that they have, as well as the different types of medical-based businesses they’ve worked with. Working with a variety of different medical businesses will show that they have the skills needed to adapt to different niches within the healthcare industry.

Credibility: Ensure credibility and reliability in the agency you consider. Read through an agency’s previous case studies, reviews, and testimonials, to see how they’ve worked with their other clients similar to you. This can be a good indicator of the work you will receive and the potential results you would expect to achieve. Ask the agency for references, a good agency will be happy to provide some.

Awards: Check the agency’s website for accreditations and awards that they have. This can be a good indicator of their industry knowledge, experience, and the effectiveness of their campaigns.

ROI-focus: Understanding the significance of increasing your profitability should always be at the centre of a medical marketing agency’s strategies. Increasing users to your site is good, but if they aren’t converting, then it makes no difference. A good healthcare digital marketing agency will be able to generate more relevant traffic to the right pages on your site, to increase the likelihood of users converting.