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As a healthcare ad agency, we’ve dedicated over a decade to empowering medical and healthcare companies by increasing their online visibility and conversions. Our healthcare PPC expertise has helped drive growth across the sector, including online health services, pharmacies, medical devices, supplements, and medical research.

We take pride in our distinction as the sole company presently featured on the NHS national supply framework for Digital Marketing and Web Design, which is a testament to our commitment and high standards.


Our Healthcare PPC Services

At The SEO Works, we are healthcare PPC experts and are one of the UK’s specialist healthcare advertising companies. Our healthcare PPC team crafts bespoke medical and health advertising campaigns that are designed to get more of your ideal users to convert into leads and customers. 

For those within the healthcare sector seeking to enhance their online presence, our specialised PPC for healthcare service is for you. Our expert team seeks to understand your business and your customers’ requirements to create ad campaigns that drive a real return on investment.

Why Start a Healthcare PPC Campaign?

For healthcare companies, reaching a specific cohort is crucial for success. Implementing an effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign can be critical in achieving this. PPC enables the generation of hyper-targeted traffic, leading to high-quality leads for medical businesses.

However, navigating the landscape of ad approval can be challenging for healthcare companies. Ad approval can be challenging, posing obstacles to otherwise effective marketing strategies. As a healthcare advertising agency, we boast a team of healthcare PPC specialists adept at securing ad approvals for healthcare companies while maintaining reasonable CPC rates. Our healthcare PPC process is based on the foundation of comprehensive research into your target audience, competitors, and current market trends.

Whether your objective is to enhance brand visibility, increase sign-ups, or introduce new products or services, we tailor our healthcare PPC strategies to align seamlessly with your business goals.

Celebrating Our Healthcare Clients’ Success

Healthcare Ad Agency Reviews

Healthcare PPC Case Studies

Interested in working with us? Why not take a look through some of our healthcare PPC case studies, and see for yourself how our PPC for healthcare companies has made a difference to many other businesses like yours.

Why Choose Us for Healthcare PPC?

Dedicated Team of Healthcare PPC Experts

We have developed a wealth of experience working with clients in the healthcare and medical fields. This experience means that we understand the unique hurdles and opportunities within this sector. We’re aware of the ever-shifting digital landscape surrounding healthcare, and as such, we’ve honed our ability to pivot our strategies and methods as trends change. This approach ensures your campaigns will always remain ahead of the curve, and stay as effective as possible.

From initial strategic planning to careful execution and ongoing oversight, our healthcare PPC team are committed to driving positive outcomes for your healthcare business.

Multi Award-Winning Agency

At the core of everything we do is commitment and dedication to delivering exceptional results to our clients. We believe this commitment sets us apart. The proof? We consistently win multiple awards annually, demonstrating our position as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the UK. Some industry awards include:

  • Integrated Digital Agency of the Year at the Digital Excellence Awards
  • PPC Campaign of the Year (B2C) at the Digital Excellence Awards
  • Best Health Campaign at the Drum Awards
  • Best Low-Budget PPC Campaign at the European search Awards
  • Best use of Digital – Healthcare at the Digital Impact Awards

ROI-Focused Healthcare Advertising

We take an ROI-focused approach, from concept to delivery. This principle guides every aspect of our work and ensures that every action taken is geared towards enhancing your business’s growth.

Our medical marketing methodology is powered by a data-driven approach, where we gather information about your target audience, industry trends, and your competitors. Through detailed analysis of this data, we uncover valuable insights into customer behaviours, competitor strategies, and untapped opportunities.

Transparent Communication and Reporting

Transparency and accountability are two of our key values, which we make sure are always present in how we communicate with clients and report results. To uphold these values, we produce regular, comprehensive reports that clearly show the performance of your campaigns.

Our reports track key metrics such as website traffic, lead generation, conversions, and revenue, offering you transparent insights into the effectiveness of your healthcare PPC campaign. By analysing this data, we’re able to make informed recommendations for future strategies and updates to your PPC campaign.

Powerful Tools and Industry Technology

As a professional healthcare ad agency, we believe it is important to harness the most advanced industry tools and technology to keep driving our healthcare PPC service forward. We understand the importance of staying up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices to ensure exceptional outcomes. Our toolkit lets us uncover crucial insights, enabling us to deliver tangible results and boost revenue for our healthcare clients.



What’s Our Healthcare PPC Process?


Before our healthcare PPC team jumps into creating ads for your business, it's essential to grasp your goals, target audience, offerings, competition, and more. When you partner with our healthcare ad agency, the first step involves a thorough exploration to gain a contextual understanding of your business, including priorities, industry positioning, and potential target keywords. Additionally, you'll get to meet your dedicated Account Manager and the supporting team, who will oversee your campaign.


Our healthcare PPC process begins with an extensive research and auditing phase. This crucial step allows us to understand your business, your healthcare services, your target market's behaviours, and the approaches your competitors are taking. We closely examine any current PPC campaigns you might have to identify areas requiring improvement. This comprehensive analysis forms the foundation upon which we build tailored strategies to effectively promote your healthcare offerings and achieve your business goals.

Keyword Research

Keyword research serves as the foundation of a PPC campaign, influencing its goals, budget, and structure. We’ll start by understanding your views on your target audience and keywords. After that, we conduct thorough research into your offerings, your audience's search behaviour, and the search intent behind keywords. As your healthcare PPC campaign progresses, we will continue to conduct keyword and audience research to uncover new opportunities and adapt to any shifts in your offerings or objectives. This ensures that your PPC strategy remains dynamic and responsive to changes in the market.

Implementation and Ongoing Optimisation

As part of our PPC for healthcare service, we provide an end-to-end service, encompassing the setup of tracking and analytics systems, campaign launches, and the publishing of any website content. Our expert team manages every part of your campaign, freeing you to concentrate on your business while we handle the heavy lifting. We don't simply launch campaigns and let them run automatically. We consistently monitor performance metrics and analyse data to unearth further optimisation opportunities. This proactive approach guarantees that your marketing campaign is agile, consistently delivering sustained results over time.

Tracking and Reporting

Throughout our healthcare PPC process, we prioritise transparent reporting and consistent communication to keep you informed about your campaign's progress. We value open and honest dialogue and make sure that our PPC team is readily accessible to address any queries or concerns. Our reporting is completely customisable to suit your unique objectives, highlighting the most relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics for your business. This tailored approach provides clear visibility into your healthcare PPC campaign's performance, giving us the data we need to make informed decisions that propel your success forward.

Ask About Our PPC For Healthcare Services

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about how we can help your business expand its online presence and drive more conversions with the help of our healthcare PPC team.

Healthcare PPC FAQs

What should you look for in a healthcare ad agency?

When selecting a healthcare ad agency, there are several factors that you should consider before making a decision:

Experience: It’s vital for a healthcare ad agency to demonstrate practical experience within the healthcare sector. Inquire about the agency’s years of experience and the diversity of medical businesses they’ve served. A track record of working with various medical companies showcases their ability to adapt to different niches within the healthcare industry.

Credibility: Make sure that any potential healthcare PPC firms have proven credibility. Review the agency’s previous case studies, client testimonials, and reviews to gauge their performance with similar clients. Request references from the agency, as a reputable healthcare ad agency will readily provide them to you.

Awards: Examine the agency’s website for accreditations and awards, serving as indicators of their industry knowledge, experience, and campaign effectiveness.

ROI-focus: Recognising the importance of enhancing profitability should be at the core of a healthcare advertising agency’s strategies. While increasing website traffic is beneficial, increasing the number of conversions is key to increasing profitability and seeing an ROI. Anyone who specialises in implementing PPC in healthcare settings should be able to drive relevant traffic to the core pages on your site, thereby increasing the likelihood of user conversions.

What is a healthcare PPC campaign?

A healthcare PPC campaign is based around pay-per-click advertising, such as Google Ads, to expand a healthcare company’s online presence and connect with consumers, patients, and members. Healthcare PPC stands apart from general PPC campaigns due to the high level of industry-specific knowledge that is required.

A well-built healthcare PPC campaign will be able to target and engage with your specific target market and direct them to a relevant landing page that has been optimised for a high level of conversions. An effective PPC campaign can be a good way to increase the profitability of your healthcare company.

Partnering with a healthcare ads agency involves collaborating with seasoned experts skilled in PPC campaigns. Always request to review case studies showcasing their work with other medical clients to gauge their expertise and effectiveness.

How long does it take to see PPC results?

The time that it takes to start seeing results when working with a healthcare ad agency can vary and depends on factors such as the niche you’re targeting and the size of the budget you have set aside.

Some PPC results can start to happen as soon as a campaign goes live, although it typically takes around 3 months to build data from where a campaign can gain the best momentum. The amount of time will change on a campaign basis depending on the competition and budget available to invest into ads.