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Our healthcare SEO agency has years of experience in optimising healthcare and medical websites for organic search. With health-related searches increasing by around 20% year-on-year, it is clear that the online market for healthcare and medical SEO is becoming increasingly crucial for brands to invest in.

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By utilising our completely free SEO Audit, you will receive a complimentary analysis of your healthcare or medical website, by one of our SEO experts, that identifies how well your website is performing for relevant search queries and other key SEO metrics.

Our SEO audits are broken down across the key areas of SEO, to provide actionable opportunities for each category that will benefit your organic visibility.

Our Healthcare SEO Clients Success

We’ve effectively researched target markets and created effective strategies for many of our health and medical clients in both the consumer and business sectors.

Healthcare SEO clients

Here are just some of the healthcare clients we have helped:

Healthcare Clients

Who do we work with?

  • Medical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Dental clinics
  • Chiropractic clinics
  • Gyms, fitness, and leisure centres
  • Beauty clinics
  • Medical software and platforms
  • Medical research
  • Mental health services
  • Home health care
  • Biotechnology
  • Many more!

Healthcare SEO case studies

See how we helped Patient, a leading health information site, grow by over 300%.

Take a look through some of our healthcare SEO case studies, and see how our healthcare SEO services have made a difference to many other medical businesses like yours.

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Why Choose Our Healthcare Search Engine Optimisation Agency?

Specialist healthcare SEO experience and expertise

The healthcare and medical industries are a whole different ballgame when it comes to SEO and online marketing. The regulations and algorithms in place for healthcare businesses require SEO strategies of a much higher calibre and a provider with specialised expertise.

Deep understanding of the different healthcare markets

At The SEO Works, we have worked with healthcare businesses of a wide variety of fields and niches, from leading pharmaceutical companies to the NHS themselves. We have a deep understanding of the extra high standards that Google sets for healthcare websites and how to optimise these effectively to generate an ROI.

Breadth and depth of knowledge of industry compliance standards

Healthcare marketing and advertising come with strict regulations and compliance standards to abide by, of which our team are well-versed through decades of experience working with healthcare brands. We understand how to optimise healthcare websites to rank in search, while also ensuring to remain compliant and following the necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of your target audiences.

Bespoke healthcare SEO strategies that have been proven to achieve results

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to strategy for healthcare and medical businesses. Every client we work with receives a completely bespoke SEO strategy that takes into account a vast range of factors such as your goals, competition, existing visibility, website health, and much more. By providing our clients with bespoke healthcare SEO strategies, we can make sure we’re making a meaningful impact on your business.

Industry awards for PPC and SEO healthcare campaigns

Our dedicated healthcare SEO team have won many industry awards to demonstrate our expertise and the results we’ve achieved. These awards serve as a testament to our commitment to striving for quality, exceptional results for our healthcare and medical clients and driving a tangible impact for their investment.

Simple and honest communication for positive working relationships

There may be a lot of jargon in the SEO industry, but we don’t believe in using it as part of our reporting. Throughout your healthcare SEO campaign our communication will be transparent. From regular updates and meetings to our in-depth monthly reports and campaign reviews, you will always be kept in the loop on the work being done and the results being achieved.

Why Do Healthcare and Medical Businesses Need SEO?

Increased visibility

The empowered patient is on the rise, and consumers are hungry for health information and products and services to help them in their health journey. The majority of patients and consumers turn to Google search for healthcare advice or issues. It’s more important than ever for your service to be visible in organic search for the right kind of search terms to put your business in front of your target audience at all stages of their customer journey.

Quality organic traffic

SEO allows you to optimise your healthcare website and improve visibility for searches that are relevant to your business. By appearing at the top of page one for keywords relating to your offering, you can generate meaningful traffic and qualified leads that are likely to convert into paying customers.

Industry credibility

Healthcare SEO allows you to generate increased organic traffic and conversions, but also improve your brand awareness in the industry. By appearing on page one for a wide variety of relevant healthcare terms, you can grow your online reputation and the trust that potential customers have in your brand.

Competitive advantage

Healthcare and medical companies not investing in SEO are putting themselves at a disadvantage. As competition among healthcare providers increases, healthcare SEO can help you outrank your competitors long-term and capitalise on the increased customer base that organic search has to offer.

Sustainable ROI

Healthcare SEO requires a long-term investment, however, once results are achieved, these are long-term and will continue to grow over time. Unlike other online marketing methods, it’s a sustainable channel that offers one of the best returns on investment.

Our Medical SEO Marketing Process

Auditing and Analysis

All of our healthcare SEO campaigns start with thorough audits of your website that analyse and identify opportunities for all key areas of SEO, including technical, content, and competitors. These audits allow us to gain a deep understanding of your site’s current standing, and form the basis of our bespoke SEO strategies and campaigns. Our audits are regularly reviewed, refined and improved to reflect changes to industry trends and search algorithms so we can identify and draw the best opportunities and insights.

Strategy and Implementation

The findings from our thorough audits are then translated into an actionable, bespoke healthcare SEO strategy. Our plans outline what our main focus will be for each quarter of your SEO campaign, so you know what we’ll be working on, why we are prioritising those areas, and the potential impact the work will have. Once you’re happy with your healthcare or medical SEO strategy, the next stage is actioning our recommendations in line with your strategy, whether this involves new content creation, technical fixes or link acquisition. 

Monitoring and Reporting

Reporting is a crucial part of effective healthcare SEO. We monitor the progress and results of our work day-to-day and provide regular updates, as well as providing comprehensive monthly reports. Our reports include an in-depth yet easily digestible analysis of performance, so you can see exactly what impact our services are having on your business. We encourage a monthly call to discuss

What Do Our Healthcare SEO Services Include?

Bespoke Strategy

Healthcare provides its own challenges and opportunities for SEO, due to the much higher expectations and standards Google has in place for the sites it is willing to rank. Our bespoke healthcare SEO strategy will take into consideration these extra challenges as well as your business goals and formulate a way forwards.

Competitor Research

Understanding who your healthcare competitors are, as well as their standing in organic search, allows you to achieve and maintain a competitive edge. Our healthcare SEO services competitor audit and ongoing competitor analysis to provide you with a competitive edge throughout your campaign. 

Our competitor research incorporates a range of data to draw meaningful insights and actionable opportunities. This research includes setting organic benchmarks for us to work from based on your competitors’ rankings, traffic, and authority. Our monthly keyword tracking and reporting also incorporates competitor ranking data, so you can always see how your site is performing alongside competitors.

Content Marketing

Quality, helpful content is the backbone of an effective healthcare SEO campaign. Our content specialists are experts at working with you to craft content that prioritises E-E-A-T and utilises your expertise. 

Our content strategies are centred around your business’ unique conversion funnel, to ensure that your website offers valuable content that generates visibility and traffic across all stages of the customer journey.

The healthcare industry has much stricter regulations when it comes to offering information and advice online, our team can ensure that your website only includes content that is accurate, proven, and backed by your expertise.

Technical SEO

While technical issues may not be visible on your site, they are just as crucial to the success of a healthcare SEO campaign. Issues such as site speed, indexing or crawling issues, and mobile usability, can have a huge impact on the success or growth of any content you put out. Our healthcare SEO services involve reviewing all technical SEO factors as well as your site’s general infrastructure to make sure your pages are served in the best possible way to your target audience. 

As well as looking at existing issues, we provide opportunities for technical optimisations such as schema and rich results that your healthcare or medical brand can target for increased real estate and visibility in the SERPs.

Link Acquisition

With so many big players in the healthcare industry, your website’s authority is key. Our healthcare SEO services therefore focus on obtaining quality, reputable and highly relevant backlinks and citations that improve your credibility over time. Our link building strategies prioritise quality over quantity, to make sure each link adds value.

We also understand that to place links on authoritative, relevant websites, you need to offer great content in return. We provide various quality link-building methods including digital PR, guest posting, and citations. Our content and digital PR teams work closely to create and distribute original, newsworthy content that naturally acquires high-quality, impactful backlinks. 

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What is healthcare SEO?

Healthcare SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a specialised branch of SEO that focuses on optimising a health or medical provider’s website to improve their visibility on search engines. The primary goal is to attract more organic traffic and conversions from patients searching for health-related services, treatments, or information.

How long does it take to see results from healthcare SEO?

The timeframe for seeing results from healthcare SEO can vary depending on several factors, but generally, you can expect to see ranking improvements by the 6 month point. Some of the factors that can influence this timeframe include the current health of your website and existing visibility, the competition in your industry or niche, your budget to invest in SEO, and more. 

Some improvements to visibility can be noticeable sooner, however, patience and ongoing work are key to success, as SEO is a long-term investment that builds sustainable growth for your healthcare businesses over time.

How do you measure the success of a healthcare SEO campaign?

Measuring the success of a healthcare SEO campaign involves tracking various key performance indicators (KPIs) that reflect improvements in your online visibility, website traffic, and conversions. Some of the key metrics we use to assess the effectiveness of our SEO efforts include:

  • Organic traffic
  • Organic conversions and conversion rates
  • Keyword rankings
  • Content and engagement metrics such as engagement rate
  • Technical SEO metrics such as site speed and Core Web Vital scores
  • Backlink metrics such as Domain Authority and referring domains

By regularly monitoring and analysing these metrics, we can gauge the success of your healthcare SEO campaign, make data-driven adjustments, and ensure continuous improvement in your online visibility and patient acquisition efforts. It’s important to note that we report on the metrics that mean the most to your business and can customise reports, so you can monitor the impact that your investment in SEO is having on your business. 

How do you stay up to date with SEO best practices?

Staying up to date with SEO best practices is crucial for delivering effective and sustainable results. Here’s how our healthcare SEO agency ensures we remain at the forefront of the industry:

  • Continuous learning and training for our entire SEO team
  • Contributing to and following leading industry publications
  • Monitoring and reporting on algorithm updates
  • Actively engaging with the SEO and digital marketing community
  • Using the latest SEO tools and technology
  • Testing and monitoring new SEO strategies to stay ahead of the competition

By combining these strategies, we ensure that our healthcare SEO practices are always up-to-date, effective, and aligned with the latest industry standards. This commitment to continuous learning and adaptation allows us to deliver optimal results for our clients.

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