Life As An Apprentice

My name is Shannon and I’m the Sales Coordinator at The SEO Works! I started my journey here as an apprentice and having been at The SEO Works for 4 years now, I wanted to share my experience coming up through the program. Going into an apprenticeship can be daunting, but I hope that sharing my account can inspire others to take a similar path.

Here I’ll talk through my own experience, as well as sharing information surrounding apprenticeships, both in general and in relation to The SEO Works.

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How I Got Started

Before starting my qualification, I was enrolled on a graphic design and illustration course at university, however after a year of study I fell out of love with the subject. I wanted to be part of a bigger picture and to feel like I was contributing to something, rather than pouring time into a degree that I had originally only enrolled onto because that was the normal thing to do.

It was during this time that I found the listing for a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship within the Business Development team at The SEO Works.

Why I Chose The Apprenticeship

The main reason I wanted to do the apprenticeship, was to be able to learn essential skills whilst working in a fast-paced, agency based environment. I wanted to try things that I wouldn’t have been open to trying otherwise – like answering client facing calls.

It has pushed me to be able to do things I didn’t think I would be able to do in a personal sense, as well as professionally, and allowed me to contribute towards a larger scheme of work.

My Apprenticeship

My role as part of the Business Development Team really pushed me out of my comfort zone at first, since I was quite an introverted and reserved person going into a very outgoing team. It was daunting trying to find my place in an already established team, but I soon found that I had nothing to worry about.

It was also extremely useful to have someone in the team who had also completed an apprenticeship, as they were able to relate their experience to mine and act as a mentor.

During my time as an apprentice, I faced many challenges in that a lot of the processes I used to fulfil my role were being changed and improved, meaning adaptability and being a fast learner was crucial. An example of this is when we changed the software we use to audit prospective client sites. Although it was challenging to have to learn the processes again from scratch, I found that the support from colleagues was extremely helpful and helped me to achieve this goal much quicker.

On completion of my qualification, I was offered a place as a permanent member of the team, and have since been given the opportunity to improve the skills I learnt on my apprenticeship further with additional training provided by the company.

My role has allowed me to work on a diverse range of client sites, which in turn means I’ve picked up a vast amount of information relating to various different industries and sectors; I’ve been told I’d be great on a pub quiz team!

Benefits of Apprenticeships

There are many benefits to undertaking an apprenticeship, here are just a few:

  • The vast choice of subject areas – no matter your interests or experience, you’re bound to find an area of study that suits you.
  • Varying levels of study – level 2 intermediate all the way to a level 7 degree
  • Increased employability – furthering your education and qualifications while learning employability skills makes you a stand out candidate.
  • Earn while you learn – you won’t have to choose between working and studying.
  • Industry knowledge – you’re able to learn directly from professionals and observe a working environment

You’re also not limited in your choices depending on your background, level of education or age. Apprenticeships are for everyone!

Apprenticeships at The SEO Works

Going into an apprenticeship when you’re new to the industry can be daunting, however at The SEO Works this wasn’t the case.

The company has a long history of helping apprentices get to where they want to be in their career and as such, it’s not hard to find your place amongst the team. In fact, they aim to have an apprentice on every team, so you’re in good company!

Past apprentices are more than happy to help and share their experience, and the company has a proven track record of not only onboarding apprentices, but also offering career progression after the qualification is completed. They even run monthly apprentice drop-in sessions, run by past apprentices, that are a great space to ask questions or get any support you need.

Is A Digital Apprenticeship Right For Me?

The digital industry is a rapidly growing and changing industry and as such, there are always new opportunities available. Whether you’re looking to become a marketing manager, a content writer or a technical analyst, there’s something for every niche and skill level.

A digital apprenticeship doesn’t always have to relate to the subject area either, you can also study a more generalised qualification (such as business administration) in a digital environment and still get the relevant industry knowledge.

In Conclusion

In short, an apprenticeship is the best way to gain on the job experience whilst not having to sacrifice your time in education. Apprenticeships also are typically much shorter than traditional educational routes with the minimum length of course being just 12 months and the maximum being 6 years, depending on level, subject and industry.
If you think an apprenticeship could be the right route for you, take a look at our Careers Page and apply now!