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PPC Keyword research guide: how to do it right

“What keywords should I add?” is perhaps the biggest question of all when creating a Google Ads Search campaign. Selecting the right keywords is the difference between a high performing account that drives leads or sales, or a low performing account that wastes money. Should you just guess? Should you follow Google’s recommendations? What do…

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Keyword Match Types Demystified

Here’s the situation. You’ve created a Google Ads campaign. You’ve created your first ad group, and now Google wants you to add your keywords… How you add your keywords is a critically important decision! Get this right, and your ads will run only to the people searching for your products or services. Get it wrong,…

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Attribution Models: A Neverending Story

Every website conversion or action on a site has a story behind it.  And like any story worth its salt, each of these conversions has a beginning, a middle and an end. In the case of attribution modelling though, most of them have a beginning, about 5 middles, and then an end.  A study from…

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How To Structure Your Google Ads Account For Success

When setting up a new PPC account, deciding on your Google Ads account structure is a key decision. In many ways it can be relatively easy to get a campaign up and running, but if time hasn’t been spent planning and structuring the account, it can lead to big problems later down the line. Get…

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Predicted PPC Trends For 2019

The world of pay per click advertising is constantly diversifying. As new features are integrated and changes come around, the way advertisers can use the platform to market their products and services changes as well. Keeping up with these changes can be tricky, and often the best way forward is to employ a dedicated agency…

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What are assisted conversions and why are they important?

PPC advertising has never been a standalone medium when it comes to generating leads and sales for an organisation. Pay-per-click campaigns use a “last click” conversion model, regardless of the medium – whether that be Facebook, Google, Bing, Linkedin or Twitter (to name a few). A last click model assigns 100% credit to the final…

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Charity PPC: How to apply for a Google Charity Grant

Are you a charity who wants to raise awareness? Or perhaps run a campaign to drive donations? It’s still a little known-fact amongst many not for profits and charities that grants are available to them, direct from Google. You could use this money to create an effective online campaign that meets your goals. Read on…

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Google Expanded Text Ads Go Live

More changes have arrived for Google as the search engine officially launches expanded text ads which allows for double headlines in ads. Responsive display ads have also rolled out after their announcement at the Google Performance Summit back in May this year. The new expanded text ads allow users to include two headlines with up…

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Google’s new Green “Ad” Label to go global

After undergoing testing to see if a colour change to the Google “Ad” label would make a difference to the user experience, Google have officially changed the ”Ad” label colour from yellow to green. Google users may have noticed the change of colour in recent months as Google looked to improve the look and feel…

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New Local Search Ads Coming to Adwords

At their performance summit earlier this week Google announced new ways for businesses to promote their brands to the increasing number of consumers using mobile devices to perform local searches. The change has been welcomed by owners of brick and mortar businesses wishing to take advantage of the integration of digital devices into our offline lives….

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