New Local Search Ads Coming to Adwords

Google MapsAt their performance summit earlier this week Google announced new ways for businesses to promote their brands to the increasing number of consumers using mobile devices to perform local searches.

The change has been welcomed by owners of brick and mortar businesses wishing to take advantage of the integration of digital devices into our offline lives.

It is relatively well known now that more than 50% of all searches take place on mobile devices but the resulting change in the types of searches being performed has received less attention. According to a blog post published by Google a third of all mobile searches are now location based and this number is growing 50% faster than the number of mobile searches in general.

New Google Adwords Features

Google’s new local ads will transverse across both the Google website and the Google Maps app. Businesses who make use of the new Adwords features will be able to stand out above their competition with branded promoted pins on Google Maps.

The new local adverts will also give marketers the ability to inform people about special offers available in store. In conjunction with these changes local business pages are being revamped to include information about special offers available and even stock levels.

The impact of these adverts, which will result in an increase in the number of shop visitors rather than website traffic, can be measured through the Adwords system.

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