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The SEO Works are an official Google Partner, and are also Bing Accredited – helping leading companies manage the minefield that is pay per click (PPC). For a quote to outsource your PPC management, contact us today. For a percentage of your monthly Adwords spend we’ll increase your return on investment and help drive better quality traffic that will convert to more sales.

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Google and Bing PPC Management Services

As an official Google Partner, and Bing Accredited agency, let The SEO Works manage your Google or Bing Adwords campaign, and we’ll optimise your budget for the best quality and lowest cost clicks. Contact us today and we will send you the details to get started with a suggested Adwords campaign budget.

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More about Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click, or PPC, advertising is often misunderstood by those who aren’t quite sure what it is. We all know that they appear at the top and bottom of the search engine results page, but surely there’s more to it? Yes, a well managed and organized PPC campaign can create fantastic results, but if it isn’t set up right it could literally cost you thousands. It’s quick and easy to set up your campaign, it can be done within ten minutes of signing up to Google Adwords, but speed isn’t everything.

A keyword based tool, PPC allows you to ‘bid’ on particular keywords so that your ad appears at the top of the search results for the word. Some of these can be as little as £0.15p per click but the more popular keywords can be much more expensive, especially if there is high competition for the word / phrase. A proper strategy needs to be in place here, and you need to be sure of the maximum you want to spend on the campaign or a particular word. If competition is fierce and the bid goes higher than your plan, forget it. If you’ve worked out your budget correctly it probably won’t be worth going higher than you want to. When you have selected your keywords and won the bid the campaign starts immediately

Whenever a potential customer clicks on the ad for your website, you pay the PPC provider or search engine the amount you bid. Visits to the website do not automatically mean more sales, and if the keywords are targeting people who may not be in your demographic then Google PPC could backfire and leave you out of pocket. In terms of longevity, having a well structured SEO plan for organic search results complemented by a strategic PPC campaign is the best way to succeed online. PPC Sheffield from SEO Workscontact us for a custom quote for your business.

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