The SEO Works now a Google Partner Specialist

As existing Google Partners, The SEO Works have been invited by Google themselves to take part in the Google Partner Specialist Programme. This accreditation demonstrates to clients a breadth of talent and experience across all Google advertising networks.

The SEO Works - Google Partners Specialist

Reserved only for the best of the best

Becoming a Google Specialist Partner means we are now skilled in all AdWords channels, systems and campaigns. We work closely with our clients across the search network, mobile, video, and shopping networks and bringing customers the very finest campaigns within the display and remarketing networks.

  • Search – Advertising on the Google search network allows you to appear on Google search results, allowing you to reach the right kind of customers at the right time.
  • Mobile – The Mobile network focuses on advertising on both mobile and tablet devices. Helping you embrace the always-on behaviour and building business leads that begin with mobile.
  • Video – Video campaigns let you show video Ads on YouTube and across the Google display network, connecting you with your ideal audience, over video.
  • Shopping – Shopping Campaigns help you promote your online and local inventory, boosting traffic to your site and finding you better qualified leads.
  • Display & Remarketing – The Google display network allows you to connect with customers with a variety of Ad formats across the entire digital universe. Helping you reach people while they’re browsing their favourite sites and using mobile apps.

Each member of The SEO Works’ AdWords team will receive a special edition framed specialist certificate and can now use the official Google Partner Specialist badge. We’re proud to share this success with you and present the sought-after Google Partner Specialist badge.