SEO Works Team Runs Tough Mudder for Mind

SEO Works does Tough Mudder

fundraising for mind


One in four people suffer from mental health issues. This year we’re supporting a leading provider of much needed help.


On 27th July, The SEO Works team will be helping raise money for mental health charity MIND. Over the years we’ve raised money for some great charities- from Cancer Research UK in 2016 to Macmillan last year. Our heroic Sales Director Alex Hill even completed the legendary Ironman triathlon in 2018 running, swimming and cycling his way to raising over £1,700 for The Children’s Hospital Charity. 

Our company fundraising event of choice up to now has been the Sheffield Half Marathon- a difficult course full of steep hills and ankle-grinding descents which nonetheless brings the best out of all participants, as well as the local community who have always rallied round to support the runners, and donate generously to countless excellent causes.

This year we have decided to shake things up a little. We looked to ways we could bring some new faces into our fundraising efforts and complete our challenge as a real team. We wanted to encourage a long-term healthier lifestyle among participants and find a challenge that would take a range of skills, as well as real teamwork & commitment, to finish.

This led us to Tough Mudder– probably the most famous –or infamous- obstacle course race going, and the king of the obstacle race circuit since it was founded almost a decade ago. Since its inception Tough Mudder’s mix of carefully-crafted courses, endurance fitness and dexterity-testing obstacles has made their brand a global phenomenon, with millions worldwide signing up to experience the pain, cold and exhaustion. We’re happy to say this reputation for difficulty hasn’t stifled the team at the SEO Works, with an unbelievable eleven volunteers ready to take up the challenge!

This year we’ve decided to raise money for the charity Mind- a fantastic organisation that works tirelessly to promote & improve mental health care, delivers support and advice to those in need and serves as a much-needed provider of care and information in the front line of mental health.

We’re extremely proud to be raising money for such a great charity that helps so many people. This enthusiasm is reflected in the fact that more people than ever before have stepped up to fundraise- and this year that means suffering the cold, pain and exhaustion of an epic Tough Mudder Classic course! The race covers up to 10 miles of mud, barriers, pools & pits, with 25 obstacles ranging from the physically demanding to the downright sadistic! Take a look at the course standing between the team and victory. 

As the profile of mental health issues has grown, more and more people are now reaching out, yet in too many cases gaps persist between need and services. Groups like Mind are playing an essential part in helping connect those in need to the services that could save lives, and with their networks of community support and their mental health Info-line, they are there for so many people who desperately need it.

Our motley crew of brave souls is made up from our SEO and PPC specialists, Web Developers and the Business Development team. They will be forced to struggle, slip and slide through a 10 mile quagmire with only each other- and their belief in a great charity- to push them onto and over the next obstacle. These guys are more used to drinking coffee behind a desk in a comfy office- so the experience should be eye opening for them!

We’d really like to make this year’s fundraiser a huge success- not just because the cause is so important, but because we’ve seen so many of our brave/foolhardy digital marketers step up and out of their comfort zone to make a difference. These guys are going to be dunked, dipped, dropped and even electrocuted for the cause- so let’s make the punishment they’ve signed up for worth it- and the videos of all this happening we intend to make!

If we can hit our goal and raise £2000 for Mind, we can make a real difference to many lives across the UK- and make sure all our team come back for more next year! If you would like to donate to support both our Tough Mudder team and mental healthcare, please donate via our Just Giving Page.