What is Ecommerce SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation – it’s the act of optimising websites so they fare better in relevant web searches. Ecommerce SEO focuses on optimising a website helping promote products to help return sales. A good SEO campaign is incredibly useful for all businesses with an online presence, but particularly so for eCommerce retailers whose entire business is based on the web. Below we have put together some of the key points when looking at SEO for eCommerce.


eCommerce Product Descriptions

Duplicate content is always the biggest issue. We have seen dozens of cases where eCommerce marketing managers or store owners simply dismiss the importance of fresh content for every product. Even when some business owners outsource the management of content and product import / export to agencies, we have witnessed numerous occasions when they skip the issue of making your product text different to that of a hundred other retailers.


Responsive design

Google have indicated that eCommerce websites which are non-responsive to mobile devices may be penalised in the search results. Which up to half of all transactions set to take place via a mobile device in 2014, it’s crucial to tick what could be the biggest box all when it comes to a SEO friendly online store. Have you got a responsive website?


Out of stock products

404’s are ok but are you going to get a lot of people bouncing away when arriving from the search engine results? Is it better to redirect out of stock or deleted products to a similar product? We think so. You work hard to achieve every unique organic visitor to your website, why not have each product 404 either have a 302 (temporary) redirect or a 301 (permanent) redirect to the top level category, displaying all products from the same section of the website?


Popular platforms such as WooCommerce (WordPress eCommerce)

Take advantage of the plugins and blogging/news capabilities on a CMS like Magento or WordPress, but beware the issues. What issues I hear you say, WordPress was built to be user-friendly for free functionality plugins and ease of adding SEO friendly blog! Well not if you run an eCommerce store and you are blogging about products on a regular basis.


If you’re ready to take your online marketing campaign to the next level with eCommerce SEO, get in touch with our team here at The SEO Works today, to see how we can help boost your online presence and sales.

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